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AGAPI presentation

AGAPI (Association of Independent Audio-Visual Producers) has always written its history in parallel to the Galician audio-visual industry, since its setting-up in 1994.

As the pioneering business association of the Galician audio-visual sector, AGAPI gathers more than thirty cinema, television, advertising, and services production companies and has been actively contributing to the strengthening and development of the Galician industry for more than fifteen years.

AGAPI is particularly concerned about the constant evolution and upgrading of knowledge of the audio-visual sector’s professionals. Since its founding AGAPI has arranged many specialized training seminars that have covered from the most creative matters to the most innovative and technological.

Being fully aware of the growing importance of the internationalisation and marketing of audio-visual products, AGAPI arranged in 2004, for the first time, the presence of a Galician delegation in the world’s biggest and most important audio-visual contents market, the Cannes MIPCOM.

Following this line of work, AGAPI also put together the first Audio-Visual Production Catalogue of Galicia.

It is worth noting some of the latest and most important actions that AGAPI has taken part in, such as its participation in the bill for the passing of the new State Cinema Act (Act 55/2007). AGAPI took part in this process as the only association of independent production companies invited to appear in the Chamber of Deputies.

We also emphasize the organization of two outstanding professional seminars "New Ways for Audio-visual Distribution and Consumption", and "Audio-Visual Marketing and Commercialisation Forum".

AGAPI understands that the audio-visual sector is strategic and has good prospects for Galicia; it is also a cultural industry, combining both business and cultural interests in a mix where both elements have equal share of significance and strength.

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Rúa das orfas 23, 1º | 15703 Santiago de Compostela | telf: +34 981 577 747 | e-mail: prensa@agapi.org